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我喜歡 fungfung.net,是的,每個人也熱戀… www.fungfung.net 由 Dax FC 創建,DaXxX GrouP 管理,自1997年已是領先的個人網站; 今天,我們自豪地介紹我們的全新網站 www.DaxFC.com,這將成為 Dax FC 最好的社交平台,配合最新的佈局設計及最強大的開發工具,將帶領全球的社交網站進入更高層次!

I love fungfung.net, yes, everyone does… www.fungfung.net is the leading personal website since 1997 owened by DaXxX GrouP and created by Dax FC; Today, we are proudly to present our new website www.DaxFC.com, this will become the best social networking site for Dax FC, with the latest layout and the most powerful development tools implemented, this social site bring web technology to the next level!



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