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丹尼 Dax FC | Danny Cheng | FUNG FUNG

丹尼Dax FC 出生於香港,1997年開始寫網站,畢業於英國Aston University工商管理和電腦科學系,曾任職於羅兵咸永道(PwC)、美國運通(Amex)、律商聯訊(LexisNexis)等團體,於2003年成立個人創新品牌DaXxX GrouP;直至目前,Dax 擁有多於九千頁網頁及多於十個網誌,而網頁環峰堂 曾接受香港電台訪問及蘋果日報的報導~

Dax FC established his personal website since 1997, the response was an overwhelming success from the public and the website have been interviewed by Radio Television Hong Kong and publicized by Apple Daily! Dax FC has been highly devoting himself in technology development and promoting the technology is the greatest thing, which can be the best solution on improving the quality of life!

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  • +852 9588 96XX
  • Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • dannyhk(at)
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